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12-24v DC UVC-LED 30LPM Ultra Violet (UV) Water Treatment Systems

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maintenance free

12v, 24v dc And 240vac with adaptor

Suitable for our homes, rainwater systems, yachts, boats and any other off grid use

led uv light for water purification can be the most eco-friendly way to treat water. It could be installed on Water Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ice Makers etc, with no mercury lamp, saving money on replacement lamps, and quartz sleeves.( saving £475.00 over 8 year life)

Components in the LED UV

UV-LED light for water purification includes a long-lasting 304 stainless steel body, UV LED Lamps, and a flow control switch. 

The UVC region of the UV spectral range refers to wavelengths between 100 nm to 280 nm. ln the case of disinfection, the optimum wavelength is in the region of 260 nm to 270 nm,

UV led for water disinfection is extremely effective against microorganisms but only if the UV light can penetrate, This means that the quality of your water is very important so we recommend at least 5 micron sediment filter prior to UV system.

UV-LED for water disinfection includes a robust design and small footprint, which make this technology appropriate for POU applications where traditional water treatment technologies may not be optimally used.

UV LEDs can be on when water is treated and off when it is not being treated. As a result, for POU applications where water is being used and treated intermittently, UV LEDs will likely not require replacement for the entire life of the device (resulting in lamp replacement cost savings) and consume only a fraction of the energy (resulting in considerable energy cost savings).

Water Quality Requirements

UV transmittance <93%

Hardness <120 (mg/L)

Manganese <0.05 (mg/L) 

Iron <0.3 (mg/L)

Temperature 0-45,0(32-132 °F}

Turbidity <1 (NTU)

Tannins <0.1 (mg/L)


length 31.5cm x 4.2cm diameter

UV-LED-30 will purify upto 30lpm, 

Disinfection Rate: 99.999%

There's no mercury lamp in UV-led water purification, which is environment-friendly.

The working life is long, upto 8 years for  3-4 people family.

It can operate without preheating and won't increase the water temperature.

It can be turned on/off more than 100,000 times.

Please note that UV sterilisers do not improve the taste of the feed water. They should be incorporated into a system comprising the appropriate water filters to remove particles and to treat the water to make it palatable. Our trained staff can advise on the appropriate system to meet any combination of feed water flow and quality.



This is a 12v - 24v DC version and must be connected to a 12 v or 24v dc power supply or battery, fused at 2amp


we strongly advise you to install sediment pretreatment to a minimum rating of 5 microns.

our recommendation is to use a UDPAC bacterial cartridge for added protection

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