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Fight Air Pollution with AquaPerfecta Air Purifiers

Fight Air Pollution with AquaPerfecta Air Purifiers

On Friday the Guardian newspaper published two separate articles relating to the amount of pollution we are suffering as a nation.   One warning Londoners, inner-city residents, workers and visitors to avoid heavy physical exercise due to the amount of air pollution in the city centre.

The other, challenging the department of education, as to why there are not enough air purifiers for classrooms in England, that have proved they have dangerous levels of air contaminants.  Nationwide, the schools have recorded over 50% of classrooms have poor air quality of over 800ppm (parts per million) the recommended safe air limit.  However, for our future generation the government have decided that there is no need for a classroom to have a filter until it exceeds 1500ppm in the air.

So here we have 2 articles on the severity of the situation of pollution in England, however, in neither do we have a solution to fix the issue.  In the first, the government have decided not to penalise those who create the pollution, such as car owners, industrial companies etc, but they instead penalise the elderly and children by telling them to avoid being out and about in the ‘not so fresh air’ and the fit and the healthy, not to exercise to avoid inhaling excess amounts of the polluted air.

Only 2% of schools have been provided with air purification units for free by the Government, there are a further 8% that have purchased units from their own funding.  Most of the teachers in English schools are stating that it is simply not acceptable, the slow rate that the filters/purification units are being supplied to the schools or even approved for the schools.  It seems that the younger generation are being completely bypassed when it comes to providing them with fresh air.  Those that need fresh, pure air the most to help develop healthy, strong lungs are being denied that simple right.

So, what is the solution? At Aqua Perfecta we have 3 styles of air purification units in stock in a warehouse just outside London and we are sure we are not the only ones.  The prices range from as little as £450 for a unit that cleans the air in a 45m2 room in just 9 minutes.  These filtration units could be within homes and classrooms within a week if there was not so much government red tape around providing them.

Who should fund the purifiers? We all should have a social responsibility to provide clean air to our youngest generation to protect their future.  There could be funding pages set up, events ran within the schools themselves to raise funds, donations should be requested from parents and school acquaintances, in the end of the day these children are the future.

As for London city centre, among others, a solution to reduce pollution emissions should also be put in place.  There are certain measures already in place, but with air pollution at its highest recorded level in 4 years, there is a call for everyone to be more conscious to avoid reaching the highest levels of pollution that we have ever known.

We can all start at home, children spend most of their time inside their house, therefore we can help and provide the whole family with fresh, clean air at home by purchasing one of Aqua Perfecta’s air purification units.