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Become an Aqua Perfecta accredited installer

Who are we?

Aqua Perfecta is part of a US company, Aqua Perfecta LLC.  We have launched in the UK, supplying to the domestic air filtration and water purification market.

What do we sell?

We sell domestic air and water purification solutions to health-conscious UK householders.

What do we need you to install?

You would mainly be installing under-the-sink reverse osmosis water filters in customers’ homes. These are usually simple installations that often require no electrical work to be carried out.

Most of the time you would be replacing the kitchen mixer tap with a 3-way tap, often meaning no worktop drilling is needed.

What materials do I need for each job?

All products and fittings are sent direct to the customer in advance. All you need are the basic tools for each job – e.g. drill, spanners, screwdrivers, PTFE tape etc – which means minimal trips to and from the van!

How do I get work?

You, and other installers in your area, would be sent jobs via text message as they come in. It’s up to you to accept the job or ignore it – based on how busy you are at the time. The job details would include the postcode area, what needs fitting, the appointment date & time (a.m or p.m) for the work to be done, and how much it pays.

Would I still be self-employed?

Yes, we would contract you to carry out work on a business to business basis for us. If you are qualified, then please fill in the form and we will email you our standard terms and conditions.

How much could I earn?

We do not pay an hourly rate – the fee per job is fixed. This means that earning potential can be high, depending on how close you are to the job and how smoothly the installation goes. Our products can be installed in as little as 20 minutes with experience (see videos), at a highly competitive fee per job.

Referral Programme

Also, any of your existing or new customers who purchase from Aqua Perfecta via a referral from you will receive 10% off at the website checkout.

In addition, we will pay you a 10% commission on the purchase.  Spread the word and start earning!

When would I get paid?

We carry out a satisfaction call with the customer after the installation, and you receive your payment within 48 hours after that. If you are VAT registered, we pay you your fee plus VAT.

Can I offer to do any other work for the customers?

Yes, that is a perk of being an Aqua Perfecta installer.  You could pick up other work, as you probably do now, just by the customer chatting to you about other plumbing jobs they might want doing.  However, you are not allowed to sell or install any products in direct competition with us – ie water or air purification/filtration.

Is there training?

We provide online training installation videos, as well as a technical helpline which you can call during business hours – even when you are on a job.

How do I start?

Click here to fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.

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