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Filtered water & cooking: what are the benefits?

Filtered water & cooking: what are the benefits?

We have previously detailed the benefits of purified water when it comes to your everyday eight glasses, as well as the health concerns and problems with plastic bottled water. But what about when it comes to cooking? Could filtered water be beneficial when it comes to boiling, baking, and even your morning coffee?

UK tap water is treated with chlorine to remove bacteria. Besides potential health repercussions – tap water is the main exposure source of bromodichloromethane, formed from chlorine reacting with other matter in the water and is suspected of causing liver and kidney cancer – you may well find that your water sometimes has an unpleasant smell or taste. It naturally follows that, if you cook or rinse your produce with tap water, some of this taste may be transferred to your food.

It’s sometimes said that using filtered water is a top industry secret among chefs – fruit and veg, when rinsed with filtered water, tastes fresher and may even look more vibrant, as chlorine can strip produce of its colour. If cooking pasta or rice, filtered water can bring a creamier texture to a dish. One of the biggest differences you may notice is in baking – even small amounts of chemicals and contaminants can affect the performance of yeast, for example. Baking bread with filtered water means that the fermentation process isn’t disrupted, resulting in less density and a lighter loaf.

Filtered water can even give your coffee a kick. Given that a cup of the dark stuff is around 98% water, what you brew up with will inevitably affect the taste. The presence of contaminants such as magnesium, calcium and so on can bring out the sweetness or bitterness in coffee beans, affecting the overall flavour.

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