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Limescale problems

Limescale problems

Hard water and limescale causes big problems it can:

. Reduced water pressure because of a smaller pipe diameter

. Causes corrosion and rust accumulation issues

. Potentially harmful Bacteria in your drinking water supply

. Constant repairs and replacement of damaged household appliances

. Damage, blockage and replacement of the whole pipework system

. Reduced energy efficiency in the hot water circuit and higher heating costs

. Dulls surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens

. Higher cleaning costs which could require aggressive cleaning chemicals


The longer you leave your limescale problems untouched, the more damage the limescale will cause to your water system which could lead to a total replacement of the pipework and appliances in your home...


Those of you that live in a hard water areas, are already fully aware of the extra cleaning and hygiene issues that can be caused by hard water. Removing unsightly white lime scale deposits found around baths and shower, taps, basins and toilet bowls can be costly too. Throughout the UK, most households experience hard water issues at some point. Just left without removal and ongoing preventative treatment, the build-up of limescale can result in increased fuel and maintenance bills.


Hard water in simple terms is caused by rainwater passing through chalk, limestone or marble where it collects deposits of mineral calcium bicarbonate (CaHCo3), Calcium carbonate accounts for more than 90% of all limescale.
The higher the temperature, the more limescale will form. Therefore limescale build-up will be greater in hot water systems.


Although Salt Based water softeners are a solution, the cost of these can be prohibitive and also require plumbing in, also ongoing yearly running and maintenance costs, the salt alone can cost hundreds of pounds per year and drinking to much salt is harmful to the body, also many user of the softner complain about the slimy feel to the water.


boilers are particularly susceptible to limescale. It causes poor hot water flow and noise ‘kettling’ within the boiler. Heating your water through limescale, translates into lower heat transfer the result is your water will take longer to heat using more energy as the limescale increases, costing dearly both in terms of your pocket and the environment.


The UK has many hard water areas meaning hard water problems are a genuine concern for millions of people.


Hardwater in the UK


Use the hard water map to help you identify hard water areas in the UK. Eastern and Southern England are identified as particular hotspots for hard to very hard water, closely followed by Central England.

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