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Plastic Free July: Top tips for reducing your usage

Plastic Free July: Top tips for reducing your usage

This month marks Plastic Free July.  Launched by global charity Plastic Free Foundation, the awareness event is all about helping people reduce their plastic waste.

The campaign has been running since 2011 and its vision is a world free of plastic waste; on average, participants in the plastic free challenge reduce their household waste and recycling by a huge 21kg per person per year (almost 5%).

We know that it can be challenging to reduce your plastic usage, and so have put together our top tips to help you ditch the single use…

  • Say no to plastic straws! Over 500M plastic straws are used each day in the US alone. Next time you order a drink, refuse a straw if you don’t need one – or you could even invest in a reusable one!
  • Avoid plastic food packaging where possible. Choose loose fruit and veg where you can, and opt for cardboard and paper over plastic – and better still, always remember your reusable shopping bag!
  • On that point, always think reusable when it comes to plastic bottles. In the UK we use over 35M plastic bottles each and every day! If you hate the taste of tap water or are worried about contaminants that may be present, think about a built-in water purification or filtration system.  This way you can enjoy perfectly pure water straight from your kitchen sink! Then simply fill up your water bottle and go – it couldn’t be easier.
  • Love a brew? Then why not consider loose leaf tea – it’s a little-known fact that traditional teabags are often sealed with plastic. Paired with our beautifully pure filtered water, you can’t beat a freshly brewed pot.

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