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Plastic pollution: Look after your health & the planet

We all know that plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing. But plastic isn’t just damaging the planet – it’s damaging our health.​

Microplastics can now be found in the air we breathe and the water we drink, even at home. ​

Scientists and experts agree that more research is needed when it comes to their impact on health – but early studies suggest that microplastic consumption may affect our immune and nervous systems.

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As well as being critical for the planet’s health – cutting out plastic bottled water could be critical for yours, too. ​

Although some see bottled mineral water as a safer, healthier alternative to tap water, the truth is that there could be 10 particles of plastic per litre in your drink.​

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Built in tap water purifiers and filter systems can help ensure better tap water quality and cleaner drinking water.​

We offer innovative water purifier systems for your home – fully integrated and hidden away under the sink, so you can enjoy clean, pure, cold drinking water, straight from the tap.​

Not a plastic bottle in sight.​

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It’s very unlikely to be completely unsafe, but purity levels of tap water quality do vary widely across the UK. Many contaminants are legally found in tap water that are not good for you. And many are even cancer-causing. Also, many harmful contaminants are present in tap water that are not even required to be tested for under UK legislation, like microplastics and PFOAs.

Yes, most definitely – and for a lot less money. On average, bottled water is around 650 times the cost of tap water. In addition, bottled water is not eco-friendly: mainly using plastic bottles and a large carbon footprint in the supply and delivery chain. And contaminants and microplastics have been found in almost every brand of bottled water.​

Yes – if you want to be sure of better quality, cleaner and purer water straight from your kitchen tap. Your tap water could contain a range of contaminants which have been found to be harmful to human health.​

Most tap water filters only filter out larger contaminants in your water – our purifiers offer a step further, with perfectly pure water, free from any contaminants small or large.​

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic, smaller than 5mm. They are divided into two types: primary and secondary microplastics.​

Primary microplastics can include microbeads in shower gels and nylon in clothing, while secondary microplastics often break down from larger plastics due to sunlight and weathering.

​Yes – the Pura and Fresca models can remove potentially harmful microplastics, contaminants and impurities including 30 types of trace chemicals, metals and other substances that may be present in your tap water.