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Pledging for a healthier future this Child Health Day

Pledging for a healthier future this Child Health Day

This Thursday marks Child Health Day, an initiative created by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust which encourages innovations and pledges across the UK to help improve children’s health. The campaign also strives to give practical advice and solutions to help everyone create a safer and healthier world for children.

Dr Edward Snelson, Paediatric Consultant at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, is a supporter of the campaign and commented: “Lifetime health is influenced early on – factors such as air quality, availability of healthy foods and housing can play a huge role, as does specialist medical care and education around healthy living.”

Another supporter of the campaign, Noga Levy-Rapoport, a Climate Justice Activist with the UK Student Climate Network, added: “The rise in air pollution, resulting in unprecedented increases in asthma in children, as well as the severely damaging spike in eco-anxiety, are just a few of the devastating effects of climate change on children.”

We recently discussed the link between air pollution and schools, illustrating how poor air quality both around schools and inside classrooms can impact children. A huge number of pupils are going to school in areas of highly polluted air – and links to asthma and neurological harm have been identified.

Numerous studies have shown links between disease and air pollution. As their lungs are still developing, babies and children are especially vulnerable. A review of studies by conducted by the ‘ESCAPE’ project demonstrated that ‘exposure to air pollution may result in reduced lung function in schoolchildren’. Pregnant women exposed to ambient air pollution are more likely to have associated adverse birth outcomes, such as low birth weight, premature birth and small gestational age births.

If you’d like to take practical action to improve your indoor air quality, let us guide you through our solutions here.

We can also help you understand more about any pollutants that may be present for you locally, right down to your postcode. Find out more here.