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Find my perfect water purifier

Water, you can’t live without it. So, make it Aqua Perfecta.

The environmentally friendly way to enjoy pure drinking water.

Drinking purer, cleaner and fresh tasting water at home often used to mean resorting to buying bottled water. But with the huge, negative environmental impact associated with plastic bottles creating mountains of plastic waste, at-home water purifiers have become more and more popular.

Not all water purifiers are made equal, though. With Aqua Perfecta, there are no compromises.

You can be confident that our range of water purifiers:

  • Is high quality and low maintenance.
  • Uses reverse osmosis for the most intensive filtration.
  • Is a fit-and-forget solution, with fully integrated, discreet under-sink units.
  • Puts style first: fully compatible with our design-led range of taps.
  • Can be fitted yourself or by an accredited installer from our nationwide network.

Which purifier to choose?

We offer two cutting edge fully integrated water purifiers, the Pura and the Fresca.

The Pura is perfect for you if you want:

  • A hardworking water purification system.
  • Durability & low maintenance cost.
  • To add minerals back into your drinking water.

The Fresca is perfect for you if you:

  • Need a more compact solution.
  • Want a faster flow rate.
  • Insist on stylish stainless steel.



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