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Browse our range of taps

Pure drinking water.

Flowing from Aqua Perfecta’s range of design-led kitchen taps, it’s a thing of pure beauty.

Aqua Perfecta water filter kits come complete with a simple but high-performance lever tap, which perfectly delivers your pure, fresh drinking water.

If you’re looking for a design-led tap to accessorise your kitchen, we also offer a stunning range of luxe taps which make the perfect Aqua Perfecta partner. These taps can be selected as a separate ‘add on’ to your water filter purchase.

Compatible with our Pura and Fresca water filtration models, an upgrade to our taps means you can simply replace your existing kitchen tap without needing to drill an additional hole in your worksurface.

Our tap boutique features a hand-picked selection of carefully curated taps, reflecting both the latest trends in interior design, as well as timeless, quality classics. One thing each tap in the range holds in common: it’s a reflection of Aqua Perfecta’s dedication to quality engineering, for a practical and reliable experience.



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