Product of the month: the Fresca - Aqua Perfecta

Product of the month: the Fresca

Product of the month: the Fresca

You know you want to improve the quality of the air you breathe and the water you drink, but finding the perfect solution for your home and family can take research. We’re here for you with our regular product spotlight, to help take the heavy lifting out of selecting the best solution for your home when it comes to air and water purification.

This week we’re taking a look at our Fresca water purifier, one of our two integrated tap water purification solutions.

The Fresca is ideal if you need a more compact under-sink solution, with a faster flow rate and stylish stainless steel. The Fresca offers two levels of filtration, with pure drinking water thanks to reverse osmosis technology and filtered water, ideal for use in cooking.

More than 30 contaminants may be present in your tap water (find out how your local tap water fares here) and the Fresca removes them all with ease, thanks to its unique 3 stages of filtration:

  • Stage 1 : the Fresca big combo pleated polypropylene filter traps larger contaminants.
  • Stage 2 : The activated carbon element (made from recycled coconut shells) deodorises and removes residual chlorine. Recycled coconut shell activated carbon has strong adsorption qualities, stable chemical properties, easy regeneration as well as excellent deodorisation and decolourisation performance.
  • Stage 3 : Finally, the water is purified with reverse osmosis filtration.

With no water storage tank needed, the Fresca comes complete with a 2-way fountain tap that can be easily installed by one of our professional accredited installers.

Want to give your filtered water an added boost?

Choose our special Maifan mineraliser optional extra. Maifan stone is a special mineral rock which has been enjoyed for its health benefits for centuries. Maifan stone has various properties which allow for the adsorption of soluble heavy metals and chemical impurities in water such as mercury and arsenic, whilst simultaneously providing a gentle release of rich minerals and raising pH alkalinity levels.  The Maifan mineraliser uses a small amount of Maifan stone which significantly boosts the micro-nutrient density in the water passing through the Fresca.

Head here to find out more about the Fresca.