Product of the month: the PerfectAir Sense - Aqua Perfecta

Product of the month: the PerfectAir Sense

Product of the month: the PerfectAir Sense

We like to regularly shine the spotlight on our various products, with a view to helping guide you to the best solution for your home when it comes to air and water purification.

This week we’re taking a look at the PerfectAir Sense, one of our star air purification models. With an impressive clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 253 cubic feet per minute, the Sense is ideal for average size rooms of around 25m2 – but it can actually purify a room of up to double that size! In fact, it can purify the air in a 46m2 room in just 9 minutes. And, as a freestanding unit with a smart sensor, it can be easily moved around to wherever it’s most needed.

The Sense has 8 stages of filtration including a pre-filter, HEPA 11 filter, washable activated carbon filter, UV-C 254 virus killing technology, capturing 99.97% of airborne pollutants in your home.

As well as significant removal of NO2, O3 and SO2 from indoor air, the Sense has certified removal of:

  • 99.97% of PM2.5
  • 99.97% of bacteria
  • 99.97% of Formaldehyde

The Sense also has 4 fan speeds as well as a timer function which helps give control over the various levels of purification. The Sense has smart sensors too, which means that, in auto mode, the PerfectAir Sense detects air quality to automatically set the fan speed to suit the needs of the room.  It also gives an alert when the filter needs to be changed.

If you’re worried about losing out on your zzz’s – then no need! In sleep mode the Sense is almost silent, at just 27.8 decibels.

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