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PerfectAir Shield


PerfectAir Shield


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The ideal air purifier when it comes to putting health first, complete with an ultra-quiet sleep mode.

Product Description

This medical grade air purifier features patented AOP-KF disinfection technology to rapidly eliminate pathogenic micro-organisms including bacteria, fungus and viruses (including coronavirus) from the air you breathe.

Providing protection for you and your family, the PerfectAir Shield removes 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, PM2.5 and Formaldehyde. What’s more, this smart air purifier releases negative ions to enhance the air quality in your home.

Eradicating odours, microplastic fibres, pet hair, dust mites via its three-stage filtration process, the PerfectAir Shield will tackle room sizes up to 60m2, delivering clean air at the rate of 520 cubic metres per hour.

As well as significant removal of NO2, O3 and SO2 from the air in your home, this medical grade air purifier boasts certified removal rates of:

PM2.5 removal rate %


Particulate Matter less than 2.5 microns in size can penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream when inhaled. A 2020 Harvard University study showed that an increase of just 1 microgram of PM2.5 per m3 is associated with an 8% increase in the Covid-19 death rate.

Bacteria removal rate %


Efficiently traps & filters out airborne bacteria using advanced air purification processes, combined with patented solid akali technology.

Virus removal rate %


Viruses are eliminated via Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO): the most advanced ionic air filtration technology available.

Freestanding air filtration that’s powerful but compact. You’re in complete control to move it around your home.

Medical Grade Technology, for absolute confidence.

Responsive to the needs of your home: with an intelligent mode, sleep mode, child lock, and air quality indicator.

3 purification stages include a pre-filter and HEPA filter.

Latest innovations to shield your air including AOP-KF and negative ion technology.

Eliminates odours with Advanced HPCO technology.

The PerfectAir Shield is the ideal air purifier for:

Larger spaces & sleek asthetics

At less than 60cm high by 36cm by 36cm, the PerfectAir Shield is powerful but discreet.

Low noise

The ultra-quiet sleep mode is ideal for bedrooms.

Putting health first

With a 99.9% virus removal rate, the PerfectAir Shield also releases negative ions to enhance air quality.

All round performance

99.99% removal rate of airborne pollutants, viruses, bacteria, PM2.5 and formaldehyde.

Product Specifications

Model Name PerfectAir Shield
Size 585 x 356 x 356 MM
Weight 10KGS
Power 40W
Room area 62m2
Noise level 60dB
CADR 520m3/hr
PM2.5 removal rate 99.99%
Bacteria removal rate 99.99%
Formaldehyde removal rate 99.99%
App feature
Remote control
Intelligent mode
Sleep mode
Child lock
VOC smart sensor
Air quality indicator
Purification stages 3
Fan speed 4
Auto mode
HEPA filter
Activated carbon filter
Cold catalyst filter
Photo catalyst filter
UV-C 254 virus killer
AOP-KF technology
Negative ion technology
Silver ion technology
Multi fan technology
Laser dust sensor
Wall mountable
Free standing
Filter replacement reminder

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