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PerfectAir Touch


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Simply designed for slightly larger spaces, this air purifier is hard-working and intelligent.

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Product Description

Ideal for larger rooms up to 84m2, the PerfectAir Touch air purifier uses technology developed by NASA and a patented multi-fan system to rapidly deactivate viruses and bacteria in the air, including coronavirus.

In a one-hour laboratory test, the PerfectAir Touch removed 99.87% of PM2.5 from a 30m2 space.

Using its powerful eight fans, the PerfectAir Touch’s photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process uses nanosized titanium dioxide to produce hydroxyl radicals, which deliver over 20 million negative ions a second, flooding your room with “energised” air.

Six stages of filtration, including a high precision laser dust sensor and powerful UVC filter to neutralise viruses and bacteria.

The Perfect Air Touch’s smart app offers convenient control, and its high spec design means the air purifier works in a way that suits your home. Functions include sleep mode for quiet purification and an intelligent mode that reacts to the level of pollutants in your air.

Can be wall mounted, as well as free standing.

As well as significant removal of NO2, O3 and SO2 from the air in your home, The PerfectAir Touch delivers certified indoor air pollutant removal rates of:

PM2.5 removal rate %


Particulate Matter less than 2.5 microns in size can penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream when inhaled. A 2020 Harvard University study showed that an increase of just 1 microgram of PM2.5 per m3 is associated with an 8% increase in the Covid-19 death rate.

Bacteria removal rate %


The photocatalyst filter efficiently traps & kills pathogenic bacteria in conjunction with the UVC-254 filter. The UV light destroys the molecular chain structure of microorganisms, effectively sterilising them.

Virus removal rate %


Medical grade patented technology efficiently neutralises viruses via photocatalytic oxidation. The release of these ions actively hunt contaminants & damage their DNA, killing them off.

Wall mounted or free standing to suit your home.

Patented multi-fan technology. 8 fans deliver superior clean air flow.

At a glance air quality indicator gives you full confidence.

You’re in control via the app, by remote control, or manually. You can also set a timer and child-lock for full control.

Medical grade patented photocatalytic oxidation virus killing technology.

Smart sensors. In auto mode, the PerfectAir Touch will detect air quality and automatically set the fan speed to suit the needs of your room. It also alerts you when to change the filter.

The PerfectAir Touch is the ideal air purifier for:

Larger rooms

Taking on spaces up to 84m2, the Touch delivers clean air at the rate of 720 cubic metres per hour.

Health is a key concern

The PerfectAir Touch features a UV-C 254 virus killer.

Areas of high pollution

PM is mainly produced by road traffic: the PerfectAir Midi rapidly removes 99.87% of PM2.5 and the health risks it brings.

Busy lives

The PerfectAir Touch can be controlled on the go, or set to auto mode, so the fan speed automatically matches the air quality.

Product Specifications

Model Name PerfectAir Touch
Size 1021 x 430 x 127 MM
Weight 13.5KGS
Power 75W
Room area 84m2
Noise level 60dB
CADR 720m3/hr
PM2.5 removal rate 99.87%
Bacteria removal rate 99.66%
Formaldehyde removal rate 93.3%
App feature
Remote control
Intelligent mode
Sleep mode
Child lock
VOC smart sensor
Air quality indicator
Purification stages 6
Fan speed 4
Timer 1-12 hours
Auto mode
HEPA filter
Activated carbon filter
Cold catalyst filter
Photo catalyst filter
UV-C 254 virus killer
AOP-KF technology
Negative ion technology
Silver ion technology
Multi fan technology 8 fans
Laser dust sensor
Wall mountable
Free standing
Filter replacement reminder

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