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SKU: AP-204

Let the pure water flow and put your mind at ease with this under-sink, integrated water purifier.

10 Year Warranty

Product Description

The Pura is a stress-free way to enjoy perfectly filtered water straight from your kitchen tap. It removes potentially harmful contaminants and impurities including 30 types of trace chemicals, metals and other substances that may be present in your tap water.

You’re simply left with beautiful, clean drinking water you can be confident is healthier for you and your family. Relax, and enjoy the taste of perfectly pure water.

Compact and discreetly hidden away under your sink, the Pura is a fully integrated water filtration unit, with a 15 litre tank. It comes complete with a stainless steel fountain tap, which can be fitted to your sink or worktop.

No electrical installation is needed thanks to the first non-powered self-flushing patented technology in the world, with innovative auto reverse osmosis membrane flushing. The Pura features a super-compound filter and is built from highest quality PP5 food-grade materials for a durable, low maintenance water filtration solution.

The Pura employs a three-stage water purification system:

  • Stage 1 : the Pura has a pleated polypropylene filter which traps larger contaminants.
  • Stage 2 : the activated carbon element (made from recycled coconut shells) deodorises and removes residual chlorine.
  • Stage 3 : finally, the water is purified with reverse osmosis filtration.

The optional Maifan Mineraliser adds nutrients into your drinking water, via its integrated Maifan stone and nano-silver carbon components.

Optional Extras


You might choose this optional extra if:

3 way tap

You want to take up less space, by having only one tap rather than two.

Why not upgrade? See our beautiful range of 3-way taps that perfectly complement the Aqua Perfecta Pura.

Professional installation

You want zero hassle & absolute ease.

Choose our professional installation service.


You want to keep your unit in peak condition.

See our maintenance and servicing option, which will keep your Pura filtration unit in peak condition 24/7/365.

Booster pump

Your mains pressure is less than 27 psi (1.8 bar).

Maifan Mineraliser

You want to add nutrients back into your water via the Maifan Mineraliser.

Maifan stone is a special mineral rock which has been enjoyed for its health benefits for centuries. Primarily composed of silicate minerals, maifan stone has notable properties which allow for the absorption of soluble heavy metals and chemical impurities in water such as mercury and arsenic, whilst simultaneously providing a gentle release of rich minerals and raising pH alkalinity levels. This filter and mineraliser uses a small amount of maifan stone which significantly boosts the micro-nutrient density in the water passing through the purifier.

Nano-silver technology inhibits the potential growth of water-borne bacteria and microbes, as well as absorbing any pesticide and chemical residues.

How to install the Pura

It’s a quick and simple job for a plumbing installer to fit the Pura fully integrated water filtration unit. We can arrange for a fully accredited Aqua Perfecta installer in your area to fit your filter. Or if you’d prefer, you can fit it yourself, using our handy installation videos.

Just a quick note that if you choose to install yourself, you may like to upgrade to our design-led three-way range of taps. This means you can simply replace your existing kitchen tap without needing to drill a hole in your worksurface. The fountain tap that comes with the Pura kit requires a hole to be drilled in your worksurface or the edge of your sink to accommodate it. We recommend seeking professional advice before attempting to drill granite worktop.


We recommend replacing the two separate filters in your Pura once a year. Or for simplicity, why not choose the Pura servicing and maintenance subscription, which gives you year round protection in your home? An Aqua Perfecta accredited engineer will visit annually to perform a deep clean, full flush, replacement of filters and recommissioning service at your convenience.

Multi-stage, space-saving & stylish

10 year no-quibble guarantee

High quality, brushed stainless steel fountain tap included

All fittings & tubing included for straightforward DIY installation

Optional booster pump available for low mains pressure homes

Professional nationwide installation & servicing

Ready to experience cleaner, purer water straight from the tap?

Product Specifications

Pura housing dimensions 380 x 125mm diameter
Pura tank dimensions 350 x 240mm diameter
Flow rate 500 - 1000 ml a minute
Flow rate with booster pump max. 2 litres a minute
Min. mains cold water pressure 1.8 bar / 27 psi
Housing material PP5 food grade
Grades of filtered water Two: pure and (optional) enhanced
Max. daily production capacity 500 litres
Stainless steel fountain tap
Pleated combo filter
Reverse osmosis filter
Drain saddle
Elbow connectors
15 litre anti-bacterial tank
Booster pump Optional extra
3-way tap Optional extra
Maifan 'after-filter' filter Optional extra
Maintenance subscription Optional extra
Professional installation Optional extra

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