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The new IPCC report – a code red? How reducing plastic can help

The new IPCC report – a code red? How reducing plastic can help

After the publication of the latest IPCC report on climate change this week, you may be one of many looking for ways to do your bit when it comes to helping reduce our impact on the planet. Every individual can make a difference – whether it’s using more public transport, taking less flights or even reducing your plastic usage.

Single-use plastic has a huge impact on the environment – in fact, plastic could soon be a bigger contributor to climate change than aviation and shipping together. So how does plastic affect the planet’s climate?

Fossil fuels are used to create most of the plastic we come across every day, and greenhouse gases are emitted at each stage of the plastic lifecycle because of this, from extraction and refining to manufacture. Recent news also suggests that, because of the plastic pollution in our oceans, their capacity as a natural carbon sink is being affected.

Whilst recycling is a positive step, plastic production in itself is the biggest issue when it comes to climate change. It was estimated this year that the impact of plastic production on the world’s climate this year will equate to the output of 189 coal-fired power stations. The incineration of plastic waste also releases more than 850 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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