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45 test failures in 2019

Legal limits for pollutants in tap water are extremely strict in the UK, designed to prevent you from drinking contaminated water.

However, each year most water suppliers record worrying test failures, which could impact on your health.

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PollutantsTest Failures
BariumFail x 4
ArsenicFail x 4
BariumFail x 4
ArsenicFail x 4
BariumFail x 4
ArsenicFail x 4


What harm can this contaminant do?

You’ll come across the pollutant benzene while refuelling your car. Most of it is man-made and if you’re around industrial activities or vehicles you’ll likely find it. Petrol spills, storage leaks and wastewater can cause entry into drinking water. Some bottled waters and soft drinks include sodium benzoate as an ingredient.

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  • A full testing failure report;
  • Details of your water supplier’s failings;
  • Which pollutants were found to have breached acceptable levels;
  • How many breaches occurred;
  • A full list of all contaminants found in your water;
  • The maximum recorded levels of over 40 contaminants in your tap water;
  • Health implications of drinking polluted water;

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