What our product owners think of our air & water purifiers - Aqua Perfecta

What our product owners think of our air & water purifiers

What our product owners think of our air & water purifiers

In this week’s blog post we’re taking you through a recent review of one of our top air purification models, the PerfectAir Sense, as well as some testimonial snippets for our built-in, integrated water purifiers.

Breathing purer air

Jenny from Manchester has had her PerfectAir Sense for five weeks and has started to see a real difference: “We had a specific problem with pollen. I tried the air purifier in my bedroom overnight and it worked brilliantly for me and my partner. We slept absolutely fine, it’s incredibly quiet.”

Jenny’s home is surrounded by trees, and with her and her family suffering from hay fever symptoms, air filtration and purification is ideal for keeping indoor air clean and free from pollutants, including pollen.

Jenny said: “ An incredibly user-friendly air purifier, which is remarkably quick, unobtrusive and reliable. It looks good, it’s nice and quiet, and it does the job. Genuinely the air feels fresher and cleaner, less ‘heavy’, and the proof we needed was right there, at the time we could really put it to the test.”

You can read Jenny’s full review here.

Drinking purer water

Owners of the Fresca and Pura have been equally impressed with the quality of their filtered, purified tap water.

Andy said: “No chlorine smell – in fact no smell to the water at all, tastes really good, pure, clean and cool, can’t wait to make ice cubes see how clear they come out.”

Another user commented: “Impressed with the taste and temperature of the water plus excellent flow rate. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Finally Zamir said: “You can move both tank and housing around with ease due to flexibility of pipes. Tested the taste of water… Everyone agreed it had a nice smooth taste… Customer service was exceptional too. Highly recommended.”

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