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Why invest in tankless RO filtration technology?

Many households are now choosing to install water filtration systems in their homes to provide optimal quality water with 99.99% protection from any known viruses and bacteria, ideal for keeping family members and growing children healthy. Rest assured knowing impurities are removed from your drinking water, preventing possible health concerns.

Reduce the cost of utility bills with a 1:1 ratio that results in 3 times less water waste per gallon of filtered water over traditional systems. High efficiency combined with a prefilter cartridge which is up to 7 times the capacity and the 1000GPD membrane is 20 times! Greater water flow of standard traditional cartridges so requires less frequent filter changes saving you time and money on replacements, the more you use your RO machine the more you can save!

Set Up in 5 Simple Steps

There’s no need to worry about complex instructions, with the help of the user’s guide you can have your water filtration system installed within 20 minutes.

1. Position the RO System, this system naturally mounts under the kitchen sink but can also be installed near other areas of use such as a garage or utility room.

2. Install drain saddle clamp on the waste drainpipe. Connect the drain clamp to the sink waste and insert the drain hose.

3. Install the supplied feed water valve to the cold-water mains water pipe and connect to the system.

4. Install the drinking water faucet to the sink or worktop.

5. Connect the tubes and start-up.

The Fresca RO system may also be used with a pressure boosting pump module if your water pressure is too low or you want to maximize water flow. The system may also be used with an optional storage tank if you prefer. The storage tank and pump module can be added easily, at any time, even after the installation of the system itself.

What's included:

  1. The RO filtration unit
  2. Mains water feed valve
  3. Faucet /tap
  4. Drain saddle clamp
  5. Water tubing ¼” and 3/8”
  6. Straightforward user’s guide to getting started

Technical Data & Operating requirements:

  • Minimum supply water pressure: 20 psi
  • Maximum supply water pressure: 80 psi
  • Minimum water temperature: 5 °C
  • Optimal water temperature: 15–25 °C
  • Maximum water temperature: 35 °C
  • Water source: tap water supply, chlorinated or non-chlorinated, bacteriologically safe
  • Maximum supply water TDS: 1000 ppm
  • Indoor use only

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